Attention: reservations are accepted only for the exclusive use of the entire structure. Requests for partial use, even for multiple rooms, will not be accepted.
Exclusive Italian Country House
Ceratonia Welcomes You

Exclusive Location.

An enchanting place immersed in the Apulia Salentina countryside a few minutes from the splendid coast of Gallipoli, taking its name from an ancient carob tree, indeed called “Ceratonia Siliqua.” In fact this is a holiday location unlike any other, particular attention has been paid to ensure, comfort, peace and quiet, luxury and provide a down to earth space for our guests. It offers a unique stay amongst friends who come from all over the world in order to live this pleasurable experience.

Ceratonia siliqua, known as the carob tree , St John's bread, locust bean, locust-tree, or carob bush is a flowering evergreen tree or shrub in the pea family, Fabaceae. It is widely cultivated for its edible pods, and as an ornamental tree in gardens. The ripe, dried, and sometimes toasted pod is often ground into carob powder, which is used to replace cocoa powder. Carob bars, an alternative to chocolate bars, as well as carob treats, are often available in health food stores. Carob pods are naturally sweet, not bitter, and contain no theobromine or caffeine. The carob tree is native to the Mediterranean region, including Southern Europe, Northern Africa, the larger Mediterranean islands, the Levant and Middle-East of Western Asia into Iran; and the Canary Islands and Macaronesia. The carat, a unit of mass for gemstones, and a measurement of purity for gold, takes its name from the Greek word for a carob seed, keration, via the Arabic word, qīrāṭ.

A stone's throw from Ceratonia

The rich and lush Salento offers many opportunities for fun and discovery to all the many tourists who attend it every year. Masseria Ceratonia is located in one of the most popular tourist destinations on the peninsula.

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Designed by nature.

Each space is designed to offer a special feeling of well-being and serenity, starting from the rooms each one different from the other and all designed to rediscover the welcome and comfort of home with some “cuddle” more.

Masseria Ceratonia.

Attention: the structure can only be booked in full

Contrada Li Monaci, 73014 Gallipoli LE

Coord: 40°02’23.4″N 18°01’40.9″E

Tel.+39.329.9536338 |


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